I am Nicole Cathrine Hoogendijk, I was born in The Hague (The Netherlands) on November 7th 1976.
I grew op on Curaçao. For my Bachelors Degree, I studied at the Utrecht Academy of Arts in the Netherlands, where I specialized in photography and mixed- media.

After completing my studies I went back to Curaçao. Now I am working as a freelance photographer, artist and teacher. Curaçao is my home Island, full of inspiration and pretty scenery for my pictures and art. I love to take photos outside in a natural environment, which promotes relaxation and spontaneity. I approach each piece of art with a special eye for detail, making my work dynamic and giving it a unique style.


Now I’m working as a freelance photographer, which I find gratifying due the fact that it allows me to creative freedom to capture special moments in various settings. At occasions such as weddings, parties and family portraits.I love the variation, one day I shoot weddings and the other I’m taking photo’s of children in therapy at CDTC Sea Aquarium or interiors.

As an artist I specialize in Mixed Media on canvas and photography, I also make personalized art works.

“Enjoy the atmosphere, silence and the velvet sea, Enjoy it not because it goes by, But just because it exists.”

2011   Mon Art Gallery, Riffort Renaissance, Curaçao, Group exposition, The Netherlands Antilles
2010   Help Haiti, Gallery Alma Blauw, Curacao, Group exposition, The Netherlands Antilles
2009   Gallery Alma Blauw, Curacao, Group exposition, The Netherlands Antilles
2006   Riffort Village, Resusita Temporary  > view expo
2006   Lepels eten drinken,Schiedam,solo expositie, vaste collectie > view expo
2006   Bibliotheek Weesp, solo expositie, Message in a wave, Koninkrijk overzee > view expo
2006   Openbare bibliotheek Den Haag, solo expositie, Koninkrijk overzee > view expo
2004   Buitenhof Den Haag, Restaurant Marc Smeets
2003   Kapsalon John John, Curacao N.A
2003   Otrobanda,Riffort Village, Nude Models, Temporary Art Gallery, Curacao N.A
2003   Otrobanda, Riffort Village, Resusita Temporary Art Gallery, Curacao N.A
2003   Otrobanda, Kas di Alma Blou, Groeps Expositie, Curacao, N.A
2001   Weesp, Inne Interieurs te Nederland
2000   Utrecht, afstudeer expositie te Nederland